So everyone hears about how Japan has some crazy vending machines… usually this is not as true as everyone thinks it is (except for maybe in Akihabara). Well, in Okinawa we do have egg vending machines! This is not as weird as it sounds, as the eggs are delivered 4-5x per day fresh from nearby chicken farms; there are even a fair number of options to choose from at the machine. Pretty cool. We discovered this a long time ago, a bit by accident while driving down one of the more rural roads, so naturally we had to stop and check it out. Since then, whenever we are in the area, of course we have to pick some up!

This particular machine is from a company called Minasu 見奈須 located in Nanjo, the southern part of Okinawa. They operate vending machines at 3 locations in the area. There are a few other machines from other companies that I have heard of, but I think this may be the largest one.

The Japanese word for egg is たまご tamago. The 卵 kanji is typically used for raw eggs although can sometimes be used for cooked eggs (in particular half-cooked eggs), and can also refer to eggs from any type of animal. The 玉子  kanji refers to cooked eggs only. They are all pronounced ta-ma-go.

The Japanese word for vending machine is 自動販売機 ji-dou-han-bai-ki, or 自販機 ji-han-ki for short.


The location for this particular machine (Nanjo) is approximately here:

2nd Minasu machine, in front of the actual Minasu egg farm in Nanjo:

And the 3rd Minasu Egg Farm Vending machine location:

Another brand is in front of a place called CAKE&EGG in Haebaru:

Itoman, Uehara Youkei vending machine:


For EM (effective microorganisms) eggs, there is a machine in Nishihara:


Location in Yomitan, next to the police box (before you reach Marudai Market on Rt 6), look for the flags that say たまご:

**There are some more locations not mentioned yet, updates will come soon.

More photos, this machine is located in Nishihara:

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