Sadly we had to move back to Hawaii from Okinawa in the summer of 2020. I mean it’s not too sad, it’s not like we had to move to somewhere like North Dakota. (We both consider anything less than about 20C/68F to be frigid and require heating. ) We still have a bunch of Okinawa sites to add! We could never add them to the site as fast as we could enjoy visiting them! But in order to keep current we will also add some Hawaii sites. Now Hawaii sites have tons of English info, so it’s more to give our spin.

Otto, the Faithful OnoWienerDog enjoys a new tropical island.

Wait you say as you do a little mental math, you moved to Hawaii in the summer of 2020, wasn’t there something going on then, like a pandemic that means you probably shouldn’t have traveled half way around the world by plane, car, and well just planes and cars. YES! you are correct. Unfortunately our employer didn’t agree, and refused our requests for extensions. We were as careful as we could be, and as of December all our COVID-19 tests have come back negative. We will be soon posting an article about traveling during the pandemic. It was scary, and interesting. We had to travel to California, drive over 7 days from LA to SF, then fly to Hawaii due to canceled flights, and lack of space for our dog.

We have also moved hosting of onookinawa to the west coast of the United States. About 2/3rds of our visitors are from the US, and about 1/3 from Asia (mostly Japan, with Hong Kong and Singapore in there a lot, I assume because of the large English speaking populations. ) Still with Amazon Web Services, so it overall should be a smidge faster for those in the US, and a smidge slower for those in Japan, but not that different overall. Please let us know if you see anything broken!

Let us know what you think!