Confession: I really love Asian cafes. They are often so cute, relaxing, and clean. Depending on the type of cafe, sometimes the prices can be a little high, but the ambience is so good.

One of my favorites is a small, hidden book cafe. The name is “Bookish” and it is located in Nishihara, near to the university. It is off a back road, off another back road, and up a hill. Parking is on the first level, and take the stairs up to the second level. Through the set of doors you enter into something that looks like a cross between a library and a quiet restaurant. I often choose the seats at the  window bar, overlooking the valley to the Nakagusuku Bay. The menu is pretty simple, some sandwiches, a pasta, pizza toast, fancy coffees and teas, and of course, desserts. The menu is in Japanese (but katakana mostly because they are westernized foods) and no pictures, so I suppose many English speakers might shy away; but with a little patience, it is not too difficult to order, just practice reading katakana. I enjoy getting a vegetable bagel sandwich (it has delicious ume 梅 pickles on it) with a soy chai latte and just clearing my mind of the days busyness.

address: 沖縄県西原町字棚原83-1

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