Not really Okinawa-themed, but I stopped by a local patisserie in Nishihara, Patisserie Cocolo. It is absolutely adorable, inside and out… there are little kitty paw prints leading to the doorway, and inside are cute cat decorations. They have the cutest caricatures of the owners/patisseries and the kitty logo. They even have a special dessert, COCO, that is a caramel mousse in the shape of a kitty paw. Ultra kawaii.

I was a bit overcome with cuteness, but managed to order desserts for the evening’s dinner party. The desserts were a huge hit with the guests, and everything I have tried here has been good. The patissier gave me a free milk pudding with my purchase…! Sometimes I really love Japan.

So, if you are a cat-lover and living in Okinawa, I highly recommend you check this place out and support a local small business.

address: 〒903-0125 沖縄県中頭郡西原町上原179-10

I have been following their website, and each month they seem to come out with a new themed dessert. They also do custom cakes, and there are some cute cat designs available!

Let us know what you think!