I am not Italian, nor am I an expert on Italian food. But I do enjoy eating Italian-style cuisine, and surprising there are quite a few good (non-chain) restaurants here in Okinawa (yes, some very bad Japanese-Italian as well). I will make no claims to their “authenticity,” but there are some places where I have had good pasta, pizza, and wine.

One of my favorites is next to the university. A small place called Mou run by a couple, no other workers; there are probably only about 4 tables and a few counter seats. They are open for dinner every day but Tuesday. It is great food, and actually pretty cheap. Plus they are so nice, and even will specially prepare food with no meat for me. The menu is handwritten in Japanese, but they seem like they might know a smattering of English words, although all my conversations of been in Japanese. I especially love the kinako (roasted soy bean powder) tiramisu… it is tiramisu style but no chocolate/cocoa, just kinako. It is incredibly delicious, so I always order it if it is available. For great service, food, and cheap price, I definitely recommend Mou.
address: 沖縄県宜野湾市志真志3-8-7


Yona Salute in Shuri is also another favorite; but reservations are highly recommended! Again, the price is very reasonable and the food is really good. Always order from the chalkboard specials instead of the regular menu at dinner! Also the view is amazing, on a hill, you can lookout over the twinkling city lights. They have a pet tortoise that lives on the balcony. We usually order a salad or appetizer,  pasta and wine, as well as some sort of beef or lamb for my husband, and tiramisu for dessert. Desserts come with a side of gelato~ ! Somehow I always eat and drink everything before thinking to take photos when I come here…
address: 〒903-0825  沖縄県那覇市首里山川町1-87-1


There are a few more to add to this list, some I have separate posts for now, and some I will eventually write up:

  • Uchina SOLA in Ginowan
  • HOUSE in Ginowan  CLOSED
  • Italian Shokudo Amani in Naha
  • Bufalo in Naha, Bacar in Naha
  • ADORIANO in Naha
  • Campagna in Urasoe
  • youBAL in Yonabaru
  • Onda in Naha

Some chain restaurants, which are okay, but usually far from “authentic.” They tend to be more family-type places

  • Pizza Marino
  • Lala Primo/Primo Kitchen
  • Italian Tomato Cafe Jr.
  • Napoli (this place is decent and has cheap pizza lunch deals!)
  • Capricciosa (they advertise during the movie previews, and if you bring your movie ticket you can usually get some sort of discount)

If you are looking for pizza, check out this post: Pizza in Okinawa: ピザ

Let us know what you think!