Recipes: Goya

Easy goya pickles: Shiokoji and katsuobushi are available in all grocery stores, and very easy to find.

-1 goya
-~1-2 tbsp shiokoji 塩麹
-shoyu, to taste
-katsuobushi かつおぶし, to taste (bonito flakes. *tip: some farmers markets or nice grocery stores will shave it for you so you do not have to buy the prepackaged stuff)

To prepare goya, cut in half longways, and then scoop out the pith and seeds. Slice into half moon shapes. Add with shiokoji to a plastic bag or container, allowing it to sit in the refrigerator at least overnight. The next day or so, enjoy with a little shoyu and/or shaved katsuo.

Sweet Goya Pickles: Another version of pickles.

-1 goya, seeds/pith removed, sliced
-enough rakkyou vinegar (らっきょう酢, found in all grocery stores) *you could probably substitute apple cider vinegar or something else, as well
-sugar to taste

Combine in container, let sit 2-3 hours.

Goya Chanpuru: classic Okinawa dish.

-1 goya, seeds/pith removed, sliced
-tofu, 1/4 block, cubed
-2 eggs
-spam or pork meat, 1/2 can, sliced into small pieces *optional
-bean sprouts *optional
-onion, sliced or diced *optional
-shoyu, salt, pepper, shichimi (7-spice, Japanese seasoning), to taste
-oil, enough to stir-fry

Add oil to the pan, and stir fry ingredients to desired softness/crunchiness/doneness (I usually start with onions, tofu, and goya, then add sauces/seasonings, egg, and save sprouts for last). Top with katsuobushi かつおぶし (shaved bonito) if desired. **Note: you CAN buy chanpuru sauce in the grocery store– one of my students gave me some when she heard how much my husband loves chanpuru. It is a bit saucier, which sometimes makes for a tasty dish.

Other ideas on preparing goya: (I may or not write out actually recipes for these, I just sort of adapt them as I go along)

  • bread and butter goya pickles, or any other pickling technique of your choice!
  • add it to any stir-fry
  • fried goya rings
  • added to a vegetable smoothie or juice
  • very thin slices on salad
  • marinated and grilled <– my husband loves this, but I do not think it is for the non-goya lovers