Recipes: Tofu

Shima-doufu: A link to a gallery with recipe and step by step instructions I created on how to make your own Okinawan tofu:

Tofu & Tomato Caprese: this recipe is with island tofu instead of mozzarella cheese; here in Japan the cost of cheese is so high and it is hard to get high quality, it is better to use something so fresh and local. Shiso leaf gives a new dimension, and a more asian flavor to the dish, so keep that in mind if you go that route.

-tomatos, sliced
-shima-doufu sliced
-basil leafs AND/OR shiso leafs; whole or chiffonade
-extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar (optional), salt, pepper

Arrange slices of tomato and tofu, drizzle with oil (and vinegar if desired), grind salt/pepper, and add basil/shiso. Finish! So easy and so delicious, a perfect appetizer with wine!

Cold Korean-style Tofu: Another tofu appetizer, no cooking required.

-cucumber, thin slices  *you could also use slices of okra, depending on your taste
-scallion or green onion, chopped *optional
-sesame oil
-shoyu (or ponzu)

Arrange kimchi, cucumber, and green onion on tofu. Drizzle shoyu and sesame over it, top with sesame seeds if desired; serve chilled.

Sakuna no shiraae (Tofu and sakuna creamy salad): I wrote a separate blog post about this recipe here.

Kenchou (Simmered tofu and winter vegetables): Separate post regarding this island recipe here.