Kuruma Ebi: 車海老

海老, えび, or エビ ebi means shrimp. Here in Okinawa, there is very famous shrimp named Kuruma ebi. Oddly, kuruma 車 means car or vehicle… I do not know the meaning behind this shrimps name.

There are a few famous areas to indulge in fresh kuruma ebi (not frozen!).

On Kume-jima 久米島, there are many kuruma ebi farms and most restaurants use fresh ebi in their dishes. On our overnight trip to Kume-jima, my husband ate 3 out 4 meals kuruma ebi at different restaurants, they were so fresh. Fried, grilled, sauteed, etc, he could not get enough. Kume-jima is a short 35 minute plane  ride from Okinawa main island, or 4 hour ferry ride.

On Okinawa mainland, there is a famous farm, shop and restaurant in Ginoza which is located in the northern part of the island. We have not been yet but all the pictures look so good.

In the southern part of the island located in Nanjo, there are some kuruma ebi farms where you can buy them fresh.

Probably in the Makishi public market in downtown Naha you can also purchase kuruma ebi, but I do not go there often, just have seen pictures.

Ginoza Ebi farm and restaurant map link: https://goo.gl/maps/TqVcDHTQotB2