EM Products in Okinawa

EM stands for effective microorganisms; some are lactic acid bacteria, which are probiotics to promote digestive health, and some are added to the soil or water to promote environmental health. EM products are rather popular in Okinawa.

For starters, EM milk is my husband’s favorite. The microorganisms are added to the water  and feed to promote healthier cows and healthier milk production. Somehow the milk does taste fresher, whether or not the microorganisms are scientifically effective. Anyway, you can find this milk in all the stores here in Okinawa.

From EM milk, comes EM ice cream. There are a few stands around the island selling this ice cream, and one happens to be not too far from my house. It is located outside the Nakagusuku furniture mall Yonashiro. It kinda looks like it might be an abandoned shack with a pink awning, but it is in fact open. Try it.

EM Ice Cream shack in Nakagusuku

Another product that I love is EM mayo made by みやぎ農園 Miyagi farm. It is sold in many farmers markets and SanA grocery stores here in Okinawa. It may be more expensive, but it is definitely worth it.

And lastly, I will come to one of my favorite places, Sun Monte EM Bakery. This is a small bakery near the university, with an amazing variety of goods. I always see kids visiting after school, and housewives picking up bread here, it is an extremely popular neighborhood bakery. This place uses EM products in their baking, and the taste is amazing. I have not really visited much in Europe, so I will not pretend to know exactly what rustic European bakeries taste like, but I have to imagine this must be pretty close. I am constantly impressed with the goodies I get from this place.

You can find some EM Markets around the island selling these products.

If you want to grow your own veggies and fruits, you can even pick up EM fertilizers from some markets and JA ag supply stores.

address for Sun Monte Bakery: 〒901-2213 沖縄県宜野湾市志真志4-32-14