Night-time Sakura: 夜桜

桜 sakura: cherry blossoms

夜 yoru: evening/night

so add them together,, and you get 夜桜 yozakura: night-time illuminated blossoms!

Previously I have written about sakura in Okinawa here.

Recently I visited the Nakijin castle ruins 今帰仁城跡 for the annual night illumination sakura viewing. Nakijin has many sakura trees on the premises, and in previous years I have gone during the day time. This year I decided to try something different and go during the night– it was quite beautiful.

The admission fee is 400yen for adults. The castle ruins are lit up along the paths and walls, as well as near the sakura trees. The effect is enchanting and if you ever have the opportunity, it is well worth checking out.

As well as Nakijin, another site in Okinawa down south in Yaese also has a night-time sakura viewing.

Night Sakura


Nakijin castle ruins: 沖縄県国頭郡今帰仁村今泊5101

Yaese park: 〒901-0402沖縄県八重瀬町富盛