Bagel’s Mee 3: ベーグル屋ミスり

ベーグル beh-gu-ru: bagel

While recently in the Nago area (North part of the island), I finally stopped by this small bagel shop called Bagel’s Mee 3. I had passed it before a few times, but I think it was always closed for some reason or another, or maybe previously I just couldn’t tell it was open.

It is a small shop, with maybe room for 2 cars to park out front. Both the inside and outside are a brightly colored, with sort of a hippie-ish vibe. There are soooo many flavors of bagels to choose from, made fresh every day with natural ingredients and no preservatives. You can order a bagel plain or with cream cheese, or as one of the sandwiches. I ended up choosing a goya-cheese bagel with cream cheese… I couldn’t resist the unusual combination! It was delicious. Since there are not a whole lot of bagel options on island (and one of them closed), it was a nice treat. My husband got a pastrami bagel sandwich and seemed to enjoy it. We got our bagels to go, but there was a small seating area if you chose to eat them in the shop.

The price was comparable to other bagel prices in Japan I think, a little less than 1100 total for the bagel sandwich and the bagel with cream cheese. Not cheap compared to a state-side bagel, and obviously not as delicious as a New York bagel, but here in Okinawa we gotta take what we can get. Overall, I look forward to stopping at this small shop again when I am in Nago.