Ryukyu & Okinawa Sweets

I have made several posts on sweets that are special to Okinawa or traditional to the Ryukyu Kingdom. These are things that are pretty much only found in Okinawa!

I am very interested in all the various traditional Ryukyuan sweets and their differences from traditional Japanese wagashi; they developed independently, although with influence from both China and Japan. The names of more than 200 sweets are found in classic literature, but almost all of the recipes were lost with the overthrow of the dynasty and then the massive destruction during World War II. Some efforts have been made to revive them, and sometimes new treats are developed with Okinawan tastes in mind.

I still have a few more to add… but here is the list so far. If you happen to know of any that are NOT on the list, be sure to comment!

Beniimo tarts… not traditional, but famous omiyage! (coming soon)

Chiirunkou: ちいるんこう (鶏卵糕)

Chinsukou: ちんすこう

Famous “No” Manjuu in Shuri: のー饅頭

Fuchagi: フチャギ (more Okinawa mochi!)

Gusuku Manjuu: 城まんじゅう

Karukan: かるかん

Kippan: きっぱん (橘餅)

Kunpen: くんぺん

Machikaji: まちかじ (松風)

More on Ryukyu Sweets (includes info on: hanabouru, senjukou, and tauchiichau)

Muuchii: ムーチー

Muuchii ムーチー: Folklore and Recipe

Okinawa mochi, pt.3: Nantou ナントゥー餅

Okinawa Sweets: 沖縄のお菓子 (includes info on agarasaa, chinpin, kuzu muchi, popo, and sata andagi)

Okinawa Zenzai: 沖縄ぜんざい

Ritoupen 李桃餅 (coming soon)

Sangwachi gwashi: 三月菓子

Taimo (taro) Pie: 田いもパイ

Tougatsuke: 冬瓜漬

Uchanuku: Okinawa mochi for offerings

Umukuji (coming soon)

Bonus: traditional tea ceremony of the Ryukyu Kingdom, Bukubuku-cha: ぶくぶく茶